Laughter that never ends. Eyes that twinkle with excitement. Simple desires + needs. Unconditional love. All things we are born with. All the things every child is born with.

Our children are the starlights of our future and in our hands lies the responsibility to guide and navigate them. Through our thoughts, beliefs and actions we shape the way they see the world, the beliefs they form and the overall ability to express their emotions and ideas.

There is so much more to raising children than assuring their place in adulthood. There is our own growth as parents and guardians.

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to speak with Doctor Marion Rose, advocate of Aware Parenting, about raising children consciously and what it means to be a conscious parent or guardian. We spoke about the nature of a child, what is childhood (both for the children and what it was for us) and how to employ more loving choices when around children.

Dr. Rose generously shared numerous Aware Parenting techniques and ways of reframing situations to create harmonious relationships with our children. Throughout this interview I felt so much gratitude for Dr Rose – for being such a powerful advocate for children and for honoring the essence of the child within us all.

What can You Do Today

to Improve all Tomorrows?


Practice being friendly with yourself.  The internal dialogue we have with ourselves is what how we implicitly respond to our children, even if we are trying to treat them differently. They get who we are, rather than what we are trying to give them. Being friendly with ourselves means we can congruently be loving with them, and this in turn means they internalise self-friendliness, which means listening to themselves and trusting their own inner compass.

Be less serious and have more fun. The more serious we are, the less connected we usually are with ourselves and our children, and the less of an influence we have. Children naturally learn and heal through play, and know exactly what type of play they need to release painful feelings. The more we join in with that play, whether it be letting them chase us round the house, or acting goofily, or pretending that the toothbrush brushes their hair, the more connected and relaxed we both are. Family life becomes joyful, fun and connected.

Practice “loving limits” where necessary. When children are “acting out” (hitting, biting, throwing things), they are needing help to express the fear, powerlessness and pain that lies underneath. Loving limits are designed to help stop the behaviour and help them release the painful feelings, e.g., “I won’t let you hit your brother, sweetheart, and I’m here and listening to you. Looks like you’re upset?” Loving limits have no harshness or disconnection; our loving tone and gaze helps our child feel safe enough to express her feelings through crying and raging so that she can return to her naturally loving, cooperative and gentle self.

“I have two children; 8 and 12. For more than 25 years, I’ve been fascinated in understanding why the way people are the way they are, and how we can have fulfilling and connected lives.

In my twenties I learned about babies, children, and human development, both from an academic and an emotional perspective. I did a PhD on mothers and babies at Cambridge University whilst training and practicing Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy – which understands the relationship between the soul, the personality and the Self.

I trained in HypnoBirthing whilst pregnant with my daughter, and calmbirth before conceiving my son. I fell in love with Aware Parenting from my pregnancy onwards, and became an Aware Parenting Instructor. I studied Nonviolent Communication extensively. I trained and certified with the Field Project, a consciousness-as-cause model which helps people shift core beliefs that are outpicturing in their lives.

Now in my mid-forties, I love combining all my training and experiences. I am passionate about supporting mothers to love their lives as mothers, to help all parents shift core beliefs that otherwise create pain for themselves and their children, and to help spread new ways of parenting in the world.”

Connect with Dr. Rose: Facebook | Parenting with Presence


magical_little_world____by_littl3fairy-d331aryLet me ask you: how’s your magical thinking these days? Is it skyrocketing or is it down in the cellar with Harry Potter and last year’s vision boards?

Somewhere along the way we’ve all discarded some of the best magic that made our lives feel delicious and our hearts pump out possibilities. Do you remember seeing the ocean for the first time or looking at the stars and feeling the pull of wonder? That was magic and mystery wrapping its arms around you.

In 2015, I want those arms wrapping around me, massaging my mind and heart, opening me to synchronicities, synergistic alliances and jaw-dropping wows as events and possibilities take shape with ease.

If I dig into this feeling of wanting wonder and magic, I see that it is really about saying yes to the larger, grander energy of flow at play in the cosmos and drawing it into my life. For me, a life purely embedded in “reality” is flat, colorless and achey. A world only seen through the lens of “magic” soon becomes flighty and directionless. But put these two elements together and new dimensions open, a whole new vocabulary begins to bubble in my consciousness.

It is this bubbling of new possibilities that pulls me forward with delight. When I am in the magnetic pull of wonder I can work towards a dream without breaking a sweat and projects are completed seemingly in the blink of an eye. I am tapped into the source where jazz makes sense and I ride the fantastic light.

I want to break on through to the other side. The side where a giggle can guide friendships to safe harbour and moments stretch with lustrous beauty.

A place free of struggle and stress, guilt and judgement.

Not Hunger Games but days of wonder.

Full hearts. Free minds.

Poetry and laughter, songs and silence, community and communion–sounds magical, right?

I feel this call rising out not only of me. I hear it from the mouths of children and colleagues. I feel it as my son looks at me with his sparkly eyes.

Magic. Wonder. The other side.

So as I raise my glass to the close of 2014 with gratitude and a wink, I lift my heart to 2015 and greet it with open arms and a peak on the other side.

See you there. All my love.


I want you to take two fingers — your index and ring finger — and hold them together. With these two fingers, I want you to find your pulse. You can look anywhere to find this, but the neck and wrist are two of the easiest places to locate your pulse.

Once you find it, close your eyes and just listen for 10-20 seconds to the beat. No distractions, music, TV or noise if possible. Just listen to your heart pulsate. If it’s beating fast, take a deep breath into your body to slow it down and repeat listening for 10-20 seconds.

Do you feel the pulse, the rhythm of your heart pumping blood through your veins? That’s you. That’s your heart, your breath, your ability to think, your privilege to choose. You are the operator of your own being and your future. Breathe in the power and possibilities — do you feel the strength coursing through you?

Now meet the incredible Linda Tellington Jones, founder & creator of the T-Touch, a bright star illuminating our world through her work with the animal kingdom. Her joy and love of life is infectious.

In this interview, she distills her knowledge of animal whisperings and a lifetime of learning into practical and holistic healing techniques.“Count your blessings,” she reminds us, “and surround yourself with the simple beauty of animals and flowers to create that state of gratitude.” Linda teaches we make a difference with simple breaths & moments.

What can You Do Today

to Improve all Tomorrows?


Choose health & positivity.  It takes a lot of energy to think/act/be negative, therefore there is no room left for good vibes. When you are negative, you tire yourself out. Through this exhaustion, you damage your mental health and immune system; therefore when you choose gratitude and beauty, you choose health, love and light for your life and body.

Hold & create a vision of your future. Hold a place in your body, mind and soul for what you want your future to look like. This can come in the form of a vision board, praying, intentional thinking, volunteering, etc. Don’t listen to doubt, fear, and frustrations that will distract you from this vision. When you create a space for your future to manifest, it will come into form.

Honor Nature. We are part of the whole – animals, plants, the elements. Create space in your life to connect to nature. Walk in the park. Take a hike. Listen to the wind. Spend time with animals and learn through their consciousness. Speak to animals as if they understand. Be in nature with understanding and gratitude.

Linda and her work have been featured many times for more than 35 years in prime time television in North American, Europe, United Kingdom and Australia and featured in innumerable publications. In North America these include, including Equus; Practical Horseman; Modern Horse Breeding; Horseman; Good Dog; Trail Blazer; Arabian Horse World; Massage Therapy Journal; New Age Journal; Woman’s Day; ASPCA Report; American Way; American Kennel Club Gazette; Horse Illustrated; United Airlines Magazine. Major newspapers and magazines and well as horse, dog and cat publications in Europe, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Hungary, France have covered the Tellington Method over the past 35 years.

Connect with Linda: Facebook, Her BlogT-Touch


I stand for love -- everybody is in.
Listen to the signals of your soul. The future is coming on.
At your core, you are shuddering brilliance.
You can see life stories in a glimpse or in an utterance.
We all have signatures of light, sound and movement...streaming, changing.
Dare to love passionately. Dare to sit with death -- dying thought forms and dreams.
Be moved by your own humanity.
The biggest party in the universe is happening on earth. A complex mix of duality, minerals and atoms firing off in all creating your life and the world around you.
How can a part of the universe be apart from the universe? You belong to the whole.
Timing is all about listening to the moment and knowing when it is your turn - To do. To be. To act.
Inside you are searching for something that is apparent all around you. Life is real. Engage.
Now take it apart - all of your ideas, thoughts, visions. Become Naked. FREE
The energy of freedom has to be engaged, expanded and energized. Free your self.
Genetic inheritance does not mean it is your fate to live within the constrains of that signature.
We are on the brink of game change: it is our destiny with immortality.
Love is cosmic intelligence.
Joy is the self on the periphery of cosmic consciousness
Between rock and a hard place? Make the "between" bigger. Take your time stretching this space.
Joy is part giggle, part laughter, part miracle - it is you bursting with life.
Truth can be so uncivil.
There's a purpose to kindness. It is a deeper intelligence at work.
Even in your struggles and sabotages, it is your freedom calling you.
Which future do you belong to?
When was the last time you looked at yourself and thought "I am awake"?

Photos by Anne Staveley