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How do you feel when you open your eyes in the morning?

Taking a cue from those initial thoughts and feelings in the morning can make or break your day. How many mornings have I woken up, full of pip and verve? Sadly, not as many as I would like. In recent years, I‘ve learned that it takes me a little longer to rouse myself and reach for the day with juicy excitement.

So I am gentle with myself right from the get go and give myself some space to find my footing for the day ahead. We often talk about wanting alone time or needing to be heard because we feel unmet and unnourished and I have discovered that the first moments upon waking can be the most nourishing in terms of meeting those needs if directed the right way. And when our needs our met, especially those unspoken, hidden ones we gain momentum!

Here is my checklist for tuning in and turning up your momentum:

  • Check-in with your mood. Probe your feelings with these questions: How am I feeling today? What is stirring within me? How do these feelings sit in my physical body? Take a few moments and register all your responses.
  • How do I want to feel?  Ask yourself this question. By being  clear with yourself about how you wish to feel,  you create the direction and actions for the day. For example, I want to feel rested and cherished. Will I? Yes, by allowing your deeper desires to rise to the surface you calm the nervous system and control your feelings.
  • Follow through. Once you know how you want to feel, think of the many things that make you feel that way. In the example above, I would follow through by scheduling an afternoon nap to feel rested, and to feel cherished I would eat breakfast in bed and read a novel. I would also buy some lovely flowers.

Just as we don’t wake up groomed and dressed, it is the same with emotions and thoughts. They need a little help from us. Start engaging with yourself first thing in the morning, before giving your attention to partners, kids, pets or emails and fulfill your desires by listening to them and acting upon them.  

It is an easy exercise to perform and the results are spectacular.

Do you have a morning routine that you use to get your day to a great start? Share it with us here in the comments below. Or, if you find yourself struggling way more than is normal, why not give yourself a break and schedule a Discovery Session. It’s free and I I can help you take your first steps towards a life filled with clarity, prosperity and joy!






These are the longest nights, the shortest days and the closest most of us get to singing the blues. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s seasonal depression, a post-holiday emotional deflation or we’ve simply forgotten to take our fish oils, at this time of year, the blues can visit us all.

When I’m hit by the blues, I feel myself contort emotionally, withdraw from people and seek a metaphorical dark hole in which to sleep. It is almost as if I wish to erase the lines between myself and the world, and disappear into some sad narrative.

Are there thoughts or triggers that pull you under or disconnect you from your clarity and confidence? Take a few moments to contemplate these questions and write down the thoughts and triggers that make you spiral down. How do you feel once you have written them? Less stuck? More whole?

We have all faced those kinds of days or moments – from the very dark – moments in which we no longer wish to exist, to just feeling heavy. In both cases, we need to seek pathways to lighter moods and healing of these emotions.

I would like to share this exercise with you to help you release the blues, and reconnect to the luminosity of your soul.


Find a quiet place to sit, and begin to breathe into your body, allowing it to relax. Even if you are feeling really lethargic or lackluster, follow these instructions and plow through.

Now, on your next deep breath, begin to tightly squeeze and then fully relax your body. Squeezing and relaxing your whole body this way will reconnect you to your physical self in the present moment (thus ending the dissociation), and pull you away from your narrative of the blues.

Practice the above exercise several times. How do you feel? More energized? Warmer? Lighter?

I thought so.

Remember: you are not alone. We are all here together to lean on and support one another.

If you are feeling blue due to an of lack of direction, or find yourself struggling, I invite you to do a Discovery Session with me. It is ideal for figuring out what is happening in your life, where you are and what you want. In our session together, we explore your unique question, and discuss solutions, meditations and exercises to reveal the most rewarding and impactful direction to take in your life now. Now it is up to you!



Have you ever felt that kind of sadness where only slowing down and truly listening to yourself could reveal the heart of your sorrow? Or, found yourself enjoying sad tears while listening to a song or watching a movie?

I felt this way leading up to the holiday season, which is odd because I ended up having a really brilliant time. I think it was because of this sadness tugging at my consciousness, leading me down, down, down…until I became quite still.

A message was echoing out from the core of my being to the forefront of my mind: “Listen fully to this feeling… make your actions follow your knowing. No short cuts. No not listening. No distractions or excuses. Just rigorous self-honesty.”

When I heard/felt this, I knew exactly what it meant. What my inner voice was telling me had to do with my relationship to myself.

It was pointing to the short cuts I take in my relationship to myself. No one can call me out on this because no one else is present to how I interact with myself. I am not abusive, I am not unkind. I listen a great deal to myself and yet I have been remiss in living my life from a place of depth and connection, instead I kind of check-in (ish) and carry on.

The rigorous self-honesty is saying:” If you want to feel really nourished and fulfilled then take time to make decisions, consider your own feelings and take time to feel your feelings, even the sad ones. Take stock of what is true for you in any given moment.”

This simple guidance allowed me to discard layers of to-do lists, drop fears about who to invite or not invite to dinner parties and so on and connect to what I wanted to feel during the holidays: peace and appreciation of the people in my life.

Being around people gives me great joy, so I spent my time enjoying people versus worrying about the table settings. I invested in experiences and loved ones over rituals and things that soon lose their shine.

And that led to more breathing space, more connection during gatherings and a lovely feeling of a full heart.

If you find yourself feeling sad or would like to explore how rigorous self-honesty could transform your life, let’s talk. Click here for your FREE Discovery Session with me and we’ll start the year filled with clarity and action steps.