My cherished starlights,

You may have noticed some differences the last couple of months here at Tenderlogic: the slightest change in content, a few new opportunities and infrequency of newsletters during the first week of this month.

Tenderlogic is growing up, and change is a brewin’. I know how change can feel and wobbly and uncomfortable. But I’m going to hold your hand through this journey.

These changes are truly just upgrades, like an old piece of technology getting a software upgrade. We’re working on clearing the kinks(!) and developing a Tenderlogic you’ll be proud of. You will still find a home here at Tenderlogic any time you are feeling lost, disconnected or just need a little comfort or inspiration.

I want to make this transition as easy as possible. I’ll share the housekeeping changes coming and a few exciting announcements with you. These changes are being generated so I can better serve you.

Changes in the way we operate:

  • Newsletters & Blogs will only hit your inbox twice a month. I know your inbox is a sacred place. I want to give you time to digest what I write, an opportunity to ask questions where you have them and get connected to each message. This will also open up time for me to create more space for the things you want to see, not just the things I write about.
  •  Exciting announcements! You are my tribe and trusted friend. When we have something new brewing, I want you to be one of the first to know about it! I want your , feedback. I want your thoughts. I want to know your desires. You help make up the essence of TenderLogic, and I want your help growing it.

Special Announcements:

  • Future Ready;Future Ready. Visionaries for New Tomorrows is a 14-day FREE virtual summit featuring interviews of the most influential thought leaders pioneering brighter horizons for humanity and the planet. Click here to keep updated on this upcoming summit!
  • It’s break time; Come June, I will be taking a break to do some personal housekeeping, replenishing and having some fun. I tell my clients that sabbaticals are necessary to stay healthy and energetic in their everyday lives, and it’s time I took one! But do not worry, my wonderful TenderLogic team will be taking care of you in my absence. Remember, my light is always with you.


I am so grateful for the blessing of life and love that I receive from you and we at Tenderlogic headquarters are over the moon to be a part of your conscious evolution as you blaze a trail.

May infinite light & love find you,




What’s 2014 looking like for you? I bet New Year’s eve feels like many lifetimes away and the whispers of a summer getaway are already entering your thoughts.

Well, that’s what it is like for me. As soon as Spring waves her wand and the flowers magically burst with flourish in my garden, on the cacti and in birdsong, I feel myself celebrating as if I am already on holiday.

Call me a lover of light. Call me a celebrant of the longer days. Call me happy. But here’s the thing: most of my goals for the year begin to become side tracked by the promises of sunnier adventures and frolicks.

Are you more easily distracted as the Sun rays spill into your office or home? Does the idea of “work” feel like a grind? Do you ever find yourself day dreaming as Spring begins her splendiferous dance? One way or the other, are you finding yourself losing your focus around your goals and intentions?

I hear you. Distractions can allure us away from what we most want to move towards, so what to do?

Fear not, here are some of my favourite fail safe suggestions to get you and your dreams united:

1. Surrender. Let your body and mind celebrate the changing of the season. Sing, dance , allow your imagination fill to the brim. Write down what you would love to be doing other than working or doing chores. You may find yourself circling back to your original dreams and inspirations with renewed enthusiasm. DO some of the activities on your list.

2. Plan to take some time off. It could be an afternoon or a whole day. Whisk yourself off on a gorgeous picnic or a stroll in nature. Nothing like nature to restore and inspire oneself.

3. Immerse yourself in the quiet and bathe in the stillness. Indulge in some alone time – meaning NO devices or people. Let your day or morning or the hours unfold in their own way. Try it, it is so worth it.

4. Reevaluate your goals/new year’s resolutions. Do they excite you still? Keep the ones that do and discard the ones that do not. Add stuff you’re excited about it.

5. Meditation* or breathing exercises. These cleanse and refresh mind, body and soul. They help to get your mind in a quiet place to focus when you need a moment to regenerate.

The seasons are a wonderful tool to use to realign our bodies, minds, souls and dreams. We can move in harmony with life. We don’t have to feel constricted or hopeless. We can surrender to the joy that change brings by choosing to use our consciousness to direct our emotions, thoughts and being.

If you’re ready to dive deeper, need a little nudge to focus on your goals, meditations to calm the chaos, and/or a community to grow with, my brand NEW TenderLogic Consciousness community is the perfect place for you. Join me and other like minded seekers.

I’ve sweetened the deal for you, and am inviting you to spend some time with us for two free months to test the waters.

So now let me ask you: are you ready to open yourself up to love, light and the possibilities of your consciousness?

Say “Aloha Spring. I love you.” and join me when you’re ready.

Navjit Kandola

*Spring meditation is already available to Tenderlogic Consciousness Community members on FB.





This week, a dear beloved friend passed away. Some will say: she is at peace now. True. Others will say: this is so sad. True. But it is not the peace nor the sadness that unsettles me.

It is the spaciousness that her passing has opened that I find myself gasping in. It is as if the air here is ultra thin, light-filled and pristine; pricking my being awake through the tears and gratitude.

As I read the words: “At 9:49 am our beautiful Cira took her last breath. She cried two tears as she went….”  I heard myself utter, “Wow, wow, wow.” Because that moment was so big. I felt realities and time coalesce. I felt the magnificence of her being, her last breaths and the vanquishing of pain into light.

Then my tears came freely, rolling into sobs. Because she did it so gracefully and breathtakingly, transitioning from body to spirit.

Now, days later,  I feel the need to meditate in the sacred, unfolding quiet that is bathing me in profound peace and knowing. I am listening for her, imagining the light pathways as she journeys on into the light.

“Sister,” I whisper in my heart, “Merge with the clear light.”

Images of her smiling face rise in my consciousness. I hear her laughter and feel her boundless love.  She is here and not.

Life and death merged this week in my heart. Contradictions bloomed and seeded luminous truths.

When I contemplate this circle of life, I know death is just another beginning. There is wisdom through this gateway if we listen and embrace the vast arrays of light that accompany this passage. We have the opportunity to touch the infinite and awaken truths that flourish when we shed our limiting beliefs about death.

These experiences of loss are so personal and yet amazingly universal. I am raw and newborn from this exposure. How about you? Have you had profound experiences around death? How did you come to peace with death, or the loss of loved ones? How do you relate to death and dying?

Tell us your stories so that we may explore the beauty of death together and grow stronger.


I stand for love -- everybody is in.
Listen to the signals of your soul. The future is coming on.
At your core, you are shuddering brilliance.
You can see life stories in a glimpse or in an utterance.
We all have signatures of light, sound and movement...streaming, changing.
Dare to love passionately. Dare to sit with death -- dying thought forms and dreams.
Be moved by your own humanity.
The biggest party in the universe is happening on earth. A complex mix of duality, minerals and atoms firing off in all creating your life and the world around you.
How can a part of the universe be apart from the universe? You belong to the whole.
Timing is all about listening to the moment and knowing when it is your turn - To do. To be. To act.
Inside you are searching for something that is apparent all around you. Life is real. Engage.
Now take it apart - all of your ideas, thoughts, visions. Become Naked. FREE
The energy of freedom has to be engaged, expanded and energized. Free your self.
Genetic inheritance does not mean it is your fate to live within the constrains of that signature.
We are on the brink of game change: it is our destiny with immortality.
Love is cosmic intelligence.
Joy is the self on the periphery of cosmic consciousness
Between rock and a hard place? Make the "between" bigger. Take your time stretching this space.
Joy is part giggle, part laughter, part miracle - it is you bursting with life.
Truth can be so uncivil.
There's a purpose to kindness. It is a deeper intelligence at work.
Even in your struggles and sabotages, it is your freedom calling you.
Which future do you belong to?
When was the last time you looked at yourself and thought "I am awake"?

Photos by Anne Staveley