I hope you’re as ready as I am to begin this journey into prosperous futures. We’ll begin this interview series with one that will leave you feeling at ease and emotionally nourished.

If you’ve been on this journey for beautiful tomorrows for quite some time, you know how important it is to pay attention. You know that every action has a reaction. You know that consciousness is the key to finding what fulfills you.

In my interview with Deborah Ooten, the founder & CEO of the Conscious Living Center, we explore the details of emotional intelligence, what it means to be emotionally intelligent and how to become emotionally intelligent.

Deborah teaches us that tuning into yourself (and the moment) to look within and develop self-awareness muscles expands our ability to build brighter tomorrows.


What can You Do Today

to IMprove all Tomorrows?


Slow down. We spend most of our lives being in a rush, ‘needing’ to be at the next point. Slowing down allows us to become present. This awareness taps us into moments of tenderness and consciousness that grows our knowledge of today, to make brighter tomorrows.

Grow your self-awareness. Become conscious of who you are. Ask yourself, ‘Why do I think, act and behave this way? How is it serving me?’ Growing your awareness of yourself allows for you to pick and choose your habits.

Engage in a practice that grows your consciousness. Get involved in something that gets you thinking. Yoga, Buddhism, and meditation are some great examples. Engage in behaviors that get you connected to the present moment.

Deborah A. Ooten, PhD, is the founder/director of the Conscious Living Center. She has her doctorate in clinical psychology, is an occupational therapist, a trained craniosacral therapist and a Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition. She is certified by Don Beck, PH.D in Spiral Dynamics. She is the founder and CEO of Conscious Dynamics, Bold Companies Created One Person At A Time. Deborah believes that lives can be transformed by attending to how our personality separates us from ourselves, others and the divine. Deborah is a powerful presenter, a compassionate listener and a dynamic change agent. You can find Deborah on Facebook & Twitter if you want to connect with her.


Is it possible to ask for what you want? Can you simply ask for happiness? It seems such a simple thing to do, yet the terrain is riddled with potholes.

Have you ever felt you deserved better pay, or more time off? Are there moments when you want to be heard, but are too afraid to speak?

I think I see a few hands going up.

It’s tough to watch opportunities pass by because we never reached out to grab them. We steadily fill up with regret, resentment and disappointment, resorting to dissing or downplaying others’ successes to cover up our own insecurities. But as we tear down those we consider ‘above’ us, we’re also shredding any positive sense of self-worth left within us.

So today, we’re going to practice pushing past any obstacles or blocks that get in the way of our desires. We’re going to open up our minds to the wonderful world of YES.

Here we go.

Think of something that you truly want. A pay raise. More attention. Lots of money. A loving partner.

Part One

Take a deep breath in, and breathe out slowly. Do this a few times.

Now ask your body where it holds a conclusion or thought form that says “You won’t get what you want,” or “You don’t deserve to get what you want.”  It may be a sensation like a knot or a blockage. Expand your awareness into the feeling of this conclusion or thought.

Take a deep breath now and go to the “gut” of this fear. Breathe into the place that blocks you from moving forward. On your next deep breath, ask this place in your body what color it wants to be dissolved and released into the light. Take the first colour/s you perceive, and imagine drawing them directly into the place where your body holds the fear or conclusion. Keep drawing in as much color as your body wants until you feel yourself begin to relax.

Inhale deeply, open your eyes, and shake or jiggle your body to bring yourself back into the present.

Part Two

Take another deep breath, and imagine someone is asking you for the very thing you desire. How would you answer that person?  Visualize yourself replying yes to them with joy, and a sense of, “Of course you can have it, because you so deserve it.”.

Now, imagine another person asking you for something else. In your mind’s eye, see yourself saying yes to them too, with an open heart and gladness.

Envision yet another person asking you for help. Respond again with a loving yes. Share with them how happy you are to be helping them.

This exercise will begin to unlock the manifestation channels in your body that invite possibility and abundance into your life. As with anything, the more you practice saying yes, the easier it will become – not only to give, but also to receive.

Giving and receiving are not distant cousins. They are like yin and yang – one cannot exist without the other. Each requires a willing and welcoming heart.

Exploring and opening opportunity allows your heart to feel that swell of warmth and excitement you feel when you finally receive what you want. This month we are launching a campaign to help you explore possibility, opportunity and happiness in your future–please join me in this adventure at Future Ready!



I know it is almost too trite to speak about the “future” when we all know that being in the present is the thing to do. And yet the future exists as a construct; we make plans, we dream and we desire to make a difference. We can feel its living pulse.

When I think of the future, I see it as free real estate. It doesn’t belong to anyone or anything. We can build on/in the future just as much as any corporation or  government.

We do not have to adhere to predictions uttered by Nostradamus or doomsday soothsayers. We do not have to genuflect before jihadist terrorists, our impoverished childhoods, or succumb to anxiety over climate change and resource depletion.

We can take it in our stride, everything from the facts and figures showing the world in jeopardy to the pressing challenges we face individually. We offer it all to our imagination and tremendous capacities for finding solutions and overcoming adversity. The future is ours if we want it.

Building positive futures requires stamina: a combination of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energies working synergistically. Here are my favourite steps for building momentum for positive futures.

1. Recognize the positive. Let me begin by reassuring you. Things are getting better overall. Don’t believe me? Watch this quick video by Hans Rosling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbkSRLYSojo or for more in depth exploration: This.World.Don’t.Panic.

2. Believe in yourself. Know that you can have a life of ease, peace and fulfillment with every single cell of your body!

3. Raise your vibration Axe blame, jealousy, envy, and all similar qualities and step into a throne of possibilities. Negative emotions and thoughts such as the above mentioned, can deplete our life force, bash our self-confidence and annihilate purpose. Better to hang out with emotions/thoughts that generate endless possibilities.

4. Take some time to write down incredibly lush, vibrant descriptions of futures you would like to belong to – world peace, prosperity for all, end of suffering for all sentient beings, a white sandy beach, love infused relationships just write it down.

At this point we don’t have to think of the how just the destination ie the what, the why and how you want to feel.

5. Watch out for any residual negative undertow. This can sound like, “Your dreams are childish.” or “You are in denial of the real challenges and obstacles ahead.” “You’ll never succeed.”  For such heavy handedness I have the following comebacks:

  • As the lyrics in the Broadway musical, “South Pacific” state, You gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?” So dream on!
  • Acknowledge these concerns and discern if there are any truths to the concerns. Make the necessary shifts and return your attention to your primary commitment: the life that you want filled to the brim with positivity and prosperity

6. Do breathing exercises. There are numerous breathing exercises that can facilitate shifting not only the quality of your thoughts but your vibration. The higher your vibration the stronger your energy for manifesting your dreams. This really works.

7. Strengthen your imagination. See how long you can keep a flow of positive ideas, thoughts, feelings going before negativity starts to snag you.  Imagine a whole day of positive thought and feelings. Can you imagine what a week, a year or a lifetime of positivity could create. Makes me smile just thinking about this.

8. Anchor the future. The more we include our bodies the more anchored the dreams become. Dance, exercise, make love, shake it loose. Get your groove back ladies and gentlemen.

We want it, don’t we? A good life? A life where we feel our potential maximized, celebrating the bounty of our beautiful planet, no one hungering or fearing oppression, rich enough in wisdom to embrace diversity and time to rest in peace?

I do too. That future is in our hands, our hearts and our imaginations to create. By engaging, by raising our vibrations, by claiming it, we can make positive futures for seven generations from today.

Join me my dearest brothers and sisters, happily join me and tell me what you are dreaming. What future do you belong to? Why?

If you’re ready to find out ways to create a brighter tomorrow, join us in Future Ready set to launch July 14th.




I stand for love -- everybody is in.
Listen to the signals of your soul. The future is coming on.
At your core, you are shuddering brilliance.
You can see life stories in a glimpse or in an utterance.
We all have signatures of light, sound and movement...streaming, changing.
Dare to love passionately. Dare to sit with death -- dying thought forms and dreams.
Be moved by your own humanity.
The biggest party in the universe is happening on earth. A complex mix of duality, minerals and atoms firing off in all directions...you... creating your life and the world around you.
How can a part of the universe be apart from the universe? You belong to the whole.
Timing is all about listening to the moment and knowing when it is your turn - To do. To be. To act.
Inside you are searching for something that is apparent all around you. Life is real. Engage.
Now take it apart - all of your ideas, thoughts, visions. Become Naked. FREE
The energy of freedom has to be engaged, expanded and energized. Free your self.
Genetic inheritance does not mean it is your fate to live within the constrains of that signature.
We are on the brink of game change: it is our destiny with immortality.
Love is cosmic intelligence.
Joy is the self on the periphery of cosmic consciousness
Between rock and a hard place? Make the "between" bigger. Take your time stretching this space.
Joy is part giggle, part laughter, part miracle - it is you bursting with life.
Truth can be so uncivil.
There's a purpose to kindness. It is a deeper intelligence at work.
Even in your struggles and sabotages, it is your freedom calling you.
Which future do you belong to?
When was the last time you looked at yourself and thought "I am awake"?

Photos by Anne Staveley