Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 3.09.43 PM“An emerald ring worn on the little finger of your right hand will bring prosperity into your life…” –  Gemologist/Vedic Astrologer

“The Yod in your chart means you have a special purpose…” -Astrologer

“Someone has put a spell on you and wishes you harm..gather sharp objects, nails, glass etc. place in a glass jar, pee on them and send the spell back to the person who wishes you ill.” -Psychic on Oxford Street, London

“Yogananda wants me to tell you: “Smell the flowers. Wear red to ground yourself.” -Psychic

“Your friend, with the fish eyes, is a yogini. And you, you were there during the battle of Kurukshetra.” -Yogi

“You will have a boy. You will die on railroad tracks in a year.” -Random Person

These are only a few of the many astrological, psychic readings, channelings and visions that I have been told.  Even though some of the prophecies were unsolicited by me, I listened enthralled trying to fathom how I could fulfill or avoid the prophesied futures for me.

At that time, I did not realize I had choice in believing or disregarding what these people were telling me about my future. But, thankfully, this changed for me in my early twenties.

I was at a pizza place in San Francisco with a friend. We were waiting for our food to arrive when we heard a terrible commotion outside.

At first, I thought an accident had occurred and that the person was trying to get attention for help. Then I saw the young woman banging intensely on the large windows of the pizza place.

I wondered whose attention she needed until it dawned on me, that it was me she was pointing at.

I stood up and walked outside. On my way, I heard myself say to myself: “No matter what happens here, do not take anything on. Let it pass through you.”

I walked up to the young woman who appeared to be very distressed. I felt self-conscious and nervous, as by now, the whole crowd in the restaurant was curious and watching. I wondered if I knew the woman, or, if our paths had crossed and I inadvertently upset her. I did not recognize her.

As soon as she saw me, she looked at me very intently and delivered her prophecy. It was the one about having a boy and dying on the railroad tracks. I thanked her for letting me know and walked back into the pizza place.

I did not know what to make of what she had said. I certainly did not want to have a child at that point in my life and I certainly did not want to die.

A flurry of conflicting and confusing thoughts erupted in my mind as I made small talk with my friend. A small comfort sank in: I remembered the curious instructions from my inner voice before the meeting with the woman: “No matter what happens here, do not take anything on. Let it pass through you.”

I decided to follow what my inner voice had instructed me to do: I let it pass and did not cling to the words or the intensity.

After that experience, I created a psychic firewall around for me to filter the information coming in – whether from psychics or experts such as, doctors or lawyers. I realized I valued their expertise and opinions but not to the extent of handing over authority over my body and soul.

When I look at my life through my eyes, I experience it knowing my history, my akashic records compressed in filaments of light, and the direction of my soul like no other. And because of that, I know it is my duty to show up and discern the best course for me.

“It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul.”  -Invictus by William Ernest Henley

And so it is.

Here is my 6 point action guide for how to get the best advice to steer your course:

  1. Pick The Right Expert for YOU
    Whether you are seeking a psychic or doctor, take your time in finding the right match for you. It is worth your time to find someone you resonate with.
  2. Get Clear
    Emotionally and psychologically get as centered as possible before meeting with the expert and be absolutely clear within yourself about the guidance/answers you are seeking.
  3. Pay Attention
    Listen carefully, critically and see if what they have to say resonates with you. You can always get a second opinion. Ask questions if you do not understand what they are telling you.
  4. Your Body Knows
    Tune into your body and see how it reacts to the person/information. Our bodies know more than we think. Listen to your instincts and intuition.
  5. Second Opinion
    There’s always time to get a second opinion. Do not allow yourself to be bullied or persuaded into a viewpoint you do not concur with.
  6. Let It Go
    Take what you need and let go of the rest. You are the captain of your soul!

Have you sought out a psychic for a reading??  Did you agree with the reading you received?

Are you curious about getting an astrology reading? Or are you waiting to speak to a doctor or specialist? Share with me on Facebook!




IMG1947-LThink about your your first breath.

And now, your last breath.

Between these two breaths is the expanse of our lives.

Life without breath is impossible and yet we pay such little attention to this miracle performing act that goes on day in and day out.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I adore breathing exercises.

Why? Because they have never failed me. And, because I absolutely love how I feel during and after the breath work.

Through breathing exercises I have traveled far, wide and deep in my consciousness and would love to share them with you for your breathing pleasure.

In some ways, breathing exercises are the easy going cousin of meditation. Where most may find meditation challenging because of a racing mind or external distractions, breathing exercises only require the barest of attention to perform whilst delivering a multitude of healing and nourishing benefits.

Don’t you love it when things are easy to do and can fit into your daily life? No fine print or permission slips. A win/win for sure!

So let’s start by looking at a few of the benefits that breathing exercises generate first:

  • Anyone can do them – kids, grown-ups, grandparents
  • Release stress and tension
  • Detoxify and release toxins
  • Massage internal organs
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Improve biological processes from digestion to circulation
  • Boost self confidence and wellbeing
  • Pain diminishing capacities
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Elevates moods through the release of juicy chemicals in the brain
  • Deepen your relationship to you

And now without further delay, with great jubilation, I present a few of my all time favourite breathing exercises. Enjoy!

  1. Anuloma Viloma. This breathing exercise is like nectar for my brain and nervous system. The breath entering and exiting through the nostrils, the sound of the breath moving inside and out, gently guides me to the most sacred places in my being.Whenever I mention or think about Anuloma Viloma, in my mind’s eye, I bow my head to this process, because of how much I value its gifts to me. My heart expands with such gratitude.

    This breathing exercise balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Stops mind chatter and releases stress. Practiced daily, it can build lung capacity and improve sense of self.  Take it easy and start with a few rounds and slowly build your practice from anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes. Want to try it.

  • Simply Inhale through left nostril closing the right nostril with the thumb
  • Hold the breath by closing both nostrils
  • Exhale through the right nostril whilst closing the left nostril with the ring finger and little finger
  • Inhale through the right nostril whilst keeping the left nostril closed with the ring finger and little finger
  • Hold the breath by closing both nostrils
  • Exhale through the left nostril whilst closing the right nostril with the thumb
  • Repeat a few times. Sit quietly and observe your feelings and thoughts. You may feel more spacious!
  1. Sighing 

    I think of this breathing exercise as a “true breath” because our bodies do this naturally when we are tired or stressed. It is a perfect exercise for beginners and long time meditation practitioners. See if you recognize it.

  • Take a deep breath and let out a deep sigh.
  • Allow your body to release any tension through the exhalation, without feeling any embarrassment or self-consciousness. (If you are feeling shy or some resistance, you can start by inhaling deeply through your nose and exhaling through the nose fully until you feel ready to try the sighing exercise).
  • Do this several times until you feel a shift in your body and mind. The shift can be experienced as a sense of stillness and peace, or the calming of the chattering mind).
  • Then, if you are feeling brave, sigh quite audibly – it really does make a difference to the whole body.Breathing more deeply brings in more life-affirming oxygen into your blood and thus decreases the ‘squeezing’ that lack of oxygen creates. You may feel a desire to stretch or walk around after this exercise.
  1. Stomach Pump
  • Take a deep breath in, and breathe a strong breath out.
  • Do this a couple of times, and on your next breath after exhaling do not breath in.
  • ull your stomach/solar plexus in and up your spine, back and forth until you need to breath again.
  • Repeat these steps 2 more times
  • Sit quietly and close your eyes. Meditate.

What has shifted for you? Can you feel the nectar of your consciousness?

Doing this exercise will help you release anxiety and insecurities, and help flatten your stomach (not bad!)

When we think about our breathing and how easily we can use it to transform our experience of negative states into positive, joyous ones, then we owe it to ourselves to breathe consciously, deeply and divinely.

How about you? Do you like the sound of breathing exercises? Would you consider trying some? Or let me know some your favourite ones on Facebook!


Time is not a clock. It is the Tao in disguise.images-1

What is an individual’s experience of time?

What purpose does time serve?

Could we create more time?

What would it be like if we were given the opportunity to develop our own relationship to time? For instance, we didn’t have to obey such rules as: “time to go to work” or  “30 minutes for lunch”?

It started with these questions on the periphery of my awareness that slowly folded in, then unfolded into a series of long pauses. The final ripple to these questions were my thoughts pulsating on the abstract definition of time.

These questions were not entirely new. I have been toying around with the idea of time being an illusion for a long time. This time though, it seemed these questions brought with them experiences of “time depth” (my name for it): vast, endless, unbroken.

I felt myself immersing in layer upon layer. It was as if I was in all time and fully aware of the minutes ticking by.

If I had stayed in that state, I could have poured so much of my being into each moment with precision and intention; it was shocking that it was possible I could dive deeper, remain conscious and experience such fullness.


Time Architecture

Time within our inner consciousness has different rules and that is where a minute can feel days long, or a week-long vacation can seem to pass within the blink of an eye.

How ever we experience reality whether fleeting or languid, it is within our consciousness that the time bending happens.

Time bending means using time to support your life so that you feel you have enough of it to be you no matter where, when or how.  It is by reintegrating our own inner timing/needs that external time (clocks and schedules) becomes an ally.

The truth is that we do know what each moment needs from us and what we need from each experience. We just need to listen for the answer from within.

And this is the biggest reframe for me: to take my time because it is my time/my life – not my job’s, my husband’s, my kid’s or even God’s. I choose how long I take to get ready, or how much time I “wastein dilly dallying.

This doesn’t mean that I am going to be late for meetings or not make dinner in the evening. No.

What it means is that I have the right to spend my time however I like. Sometimes, I may be late for meetings or events because I am so immersed in an experience and that is OK with me.

images-2I have to be honest, I cannot always pass up the opportunity to rejoice in the bounty of beauty that surrounds me: birdsongs, laughter, a conversation, being quiet. These experiences pull me in and I want to be there more than in a future event. Sometimes, it is an insight waiting to be discovered and other times it is my heart wanting to fly.

I love these moments because they make my life so worth living. So, when the fallout happens, ie. being late, or missing the beginning of a movie, I accept it fully as the price for my choices.

This new relationship with time is opening up wealth and prosperity consciousness that I did not fully value before: I take my time doing the things I especially love. For example, watching the breeze move through the trees, or listening to my son’s footsteps as he races around the house.

I feel I really do have all the time in the world. WE ALL DO.

If you’d like to experience and explore time depth, here are my 4 action guides to help support you through this process.

  1. Use Breathing Exercises. any which way you look at breathing changes the way we experience time/reality.My current favourite is the alternate nostril breathing: the beautiful Anuloma Viloma. This exercise rebalances the left and right hemispheres of the brain, clears the mind and generates a sense of positivity throughout the day. (I am going to be exploring the benefits about this in my next blog). Want to try it?
  • Simply Inhale through left nostril closing the right nostril with the thumb
  • Hold the breath by closing both nostrils
  • Exhale through the right nostril whilst closing the left nostril with the ring finger and little finger
  • Inhale through the right nostril whilst keeping the left nostril closed with the ring finger and little finger
  • Hold the breath by closing both nostrils
  • Exhale through the left nostril whilst closing the right nostril with the thumb
  • Repeat a few times. Sit quietly and observe your feelings and thoughts. You may feel more spacious!
  1. Immerse yourself in time richness. Whenever you find yourself running to a meeting or dashing through a to-do list, ask yourself: why am I living like a time-pauper?Stop the chasing, slow down and switch off the emergency button. You have time. Contemplate how would a time-rich person behave in such a situation as yours? Your inquiries may open surprising, new ways to engage with time and schedules.
  1. Give away your time! Spend some time day-dreaming. Idle away the hours. Doing this will help you to reframe your relationship to time. You have time.
  1. Meditation & Mindfulness. Sit down. Observe your thoughts and feelings. Are they mindful or mindless. Nourishing or nagging? Can you become more present ie pour more awareness into the moment? Think of witnessing your thoughts and feelings as a tool that allows you to choose how you want to experience the moments you are in that eventually add up to become your life.

These are just a few ways to shake things up with time.Try them and see how time bends for you. I would love to hear of relationship to time and what changes you have made to create a better quality of life.



I stand for love -- everybody is in.
Listen to the signals of your soul. The future is coming on.
At your core, you are shuddering brilliance.
You can see life stories in a glimpse or in an utterance.
We all have signatures of light, sound and movement...streaming, changing.
Dare to love passionately. Dare to sit with death -- dying thought forms and dreams.
Be moved by your own humanity.
The biggest party in the universe is happening on earth. A complex mix of duality, minerals and atoms firing off in all creating your life and the world around you.
How can a part of the universe be apart from the universe? You belong to the whole.
Timing is all about listening to the moment and knowing when it is your turn - To do. To be. To act.
Inside you are searching for something that is apparent all around you. Life is real. Engage.
Now take it apart - all of your ideas, thoughts, visions. Become Naked. FREE
The energy of freedom has to be engaged, expanded and energized. Free your self.
Genetic inheritance does not mean it is your fate to live within the constrains of that signature.
We are on the brink of game change: it is our destiny with immortality.
Love is cosmic intelligence.
Joy is the self on the periphery of cosmic consciousness
Between rock and a hard place? Make the "between" bigger. Take your time stretching this space.
Joy is part giggle, part laughter, part miracle - it is you bursting with life.
Truth can be so uncivil.
There's a purpose to kindness. It is a deeper intelligence at work.
Even in your struggles and sabotages, it is your freedom calling you.
Which future do you belong to?
When was the last time you looked at yourself and thought "I am awake"?

Photos by Anne Staveley