To those who want to live a life of meaning, confidence, inner peace, and happiness.


Have you ever wondered…

+ How can I get to know and accept my true inner self?
+ How can I tell the difference between my mind/ego and my inner voice/higher self?
+ How do I resolve everyday emotional struggles with clarity and confidence?
+ Why do some patterns that I don’t like or want in my life persist? How can I free myself from them?
+ Is there a meaning to my dreams, recurring colors, symbols, and/or images that I see? How do these things affect my inner work?
+ How do I listen to my intuition, and let it guide me to a more blissful place and to a new clarity I’ve never known before?
+ How do light and color facilitate deep healing, and how can I use them to do so in my life?
+ How do I let go of bad karma in my life and how can I attract positivity and good opportunities into my life?


To answer the above questions, I’ve created a special program. You will learn not only the answers to the above questions, but also how to be empowered to use tools from the course to better your life and make it more enjoyable (for you and for those around you).



January 19th – March 15th

8 guided weeks of spiritual and energetic tools to further
illuminate the mechanics of your soul.


What is the Illumination Toolkit?

It’s a deep dive into the techniques of how to take a look under the hood of your own conscious ‘engine’. I will be sharing some “Do-It-Yourself” healing tools that you can use when you need them the most.

Over 8 weeks, you’ll learn all about the exercises and meditations I use in my groundbreaking Tenderlogic sessions, to help you explore a whole new, luminous world within your own consciousness. I’ll teach you extraordinary reflection techniques to help you answer your most difficult questions, and fuel your journey to understanding the inner workings of your mind, body, and soul.

This is a manual of sorts; to help you take a look under the hood of your own conscious ‘engine’, and give yourself some Do-It-Yourself healing when you need it the most.


Special current client price: $1,000
Non-client price: $1,250

(PayPal’s Bill Me Later option available – click here for more info)


How it works:

The Tenderlogic Illumination Toolkit is a beautiful blend of group coaching and self-guided exploration.

Each week you’ll receive exercises, lessons, and instructional videos in the Tenderlogic Illumination Workbook, for the self-study portion of the course.

Then, once a week, we’ll meet live & in person via Google+ hangouts, where we’ll review what you’ve learned, explore more deeply, and I’ll have the chance to answer your questions.


Here’s a sneak peek into what we’ll go over:

+ An introduction to your Higher Self and Inner Child, and the difference between them
+ How to listen and act according to the teachings of your deep, inner knowing
+ Ways to examine the past, to better understand who you are today
+ Strategies to help your true self flourish, while your heart and soul are nourished and soothed
+ How to heal deep subconscious wounds
+ Use color/light for  healing and manifestation
+ How to be radiant and glow from within


What you’ll find inside:

+ The Tenderlogic Illumination Workbook (8 lessons with accompanying videos to guide you through the topics, daily homework assignments, and 35 mp3 recordings to walk you through each exercise)
+ The Tenderlogic Color Pamphlet (In-depth guides to offer a better understanding of the deeper mechanics of your subconscious)
+ A complimentary copy of Soul Bodies by Chris Griscom
+ A Tenderlogic Illumination Playlist via Spotify
+ Live weekly group sessions via Google+ hangout with myself and your fellow coursemates (and all the loving, judgement-free support we could possible provide)
+ A private Facebook community for extra guidance towards overcoming personal issues and answering questions definitively
+ Downloadable video recordings of each class – yours for keeps
+ Ongoing email access to me for the entire 8 week program


The Modules, broken down:

+ Welcome/Introduction
+ Module One: Know Thyself
+ Module Two: Higher Self – The Divine Within You
+ Module Three: Inner Child – Reconnecting to Divine Play
+ Module Four: Light/Color – Universal Language of the Soul
+ Module Five: Symbols – The Subconscious Speaks
+ Module Six: Body – Where the Soul Lives
+ Module Seven: Clearing a Theme
+ Module Eight: Closure, Q&A’s, Kisses, & Blast Off!


A special offer, just for you:

Due to the powerful, fully guided nature of this course, I am only opening up slots for 9 people – and I haven’t told the ‘general public’ just yet.

Why? Because you’ve been such an amazing student.. it’s my honor to offer you this opportunity first, at a very special price.


Special current client price: $1,000
Non-client price: $1,250

(PayPal’s Bill Me Later option available – click here for more info)


Join me, and enter a world of endless possibilities, anchored in profound insight and inner clarity.

The answers you seek, and the methods for finding them whenever you choose, await you.


You are ready.



Special current client price: $1,000
Non-client price: $1,250

(PayPal’s Bill Me Later option available – click here for more info)

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