Crazy In Love

How to live your life as if you have just fallen in love.

Years ago, on an evening drive back home alone, I stopped at a red light. I sat for a few moments. I wondered how many more times I was destined to sit at this particular traffic light – feeling empty, as though something vital was missing from my heart.

It was a strange, numbing sensation. I felt sorry for myself. Technically, nothing was wrong or out of order in my life… but I couldn’t shake the idea that some sort of spark had vanished.

Suddenly, the light turned green. I shrugged off my melancholy and kept driving. But traces of the experience lingered.

At that moment, a question popped into my mind that would change my life.

“What would I like to be feeling instead of this?”

It felt daring to ask somehow – as if I’d never truly wondered such a thing before. The answer rang out from my heart, clear as a bell:

“I want to feel the way I do when I’m falling in love.”

I knew it was true. But now I was faced with a problem: how could I possibly recreate that feeling?

I recalled the delicious range of emotions such a gorgeous act brings about. Spontaneity, excitement, wholeness, confidence. Butterflies and involuntary giggles. Desire and satisfaction.

Suddenly, I realized I was smiling to myself. Memories tugged at me, and I leaned into them, diving deeper, and immersing myself in their goodness.

As these beautiful feelings washed over me, my sadness began to fade, replaced by an excitement, confidence, and wholeness that permeated every cell of my being. My smile grew larger.

I realized: I had CHOSEN that positivity. I could access the exquisite joy of being in love at any time. It was just beyond the shores of my conscious mind, waiting to be found.

That day, I learned we can choose how we want to feel, no matter how stagnant or dire our situation. We can live our entire lives feeling as if we’re crazy in love!

That’s why I created the Crazy In Love worksheet, to help you locate and activate that feeling of love whenever you need it most, .

The goal of this exercise is to train your body to instantly reach for that loving feeling, whether you are facing an important decision, or just tackling daily tasks.

Click HERE to download the worksheet, and dive into all the amazing love that lives within you!

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Infinite light and love to you – today and always.

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